My productivity tools

I like to make my everyday work and life-related tasks faster: taking notes, remembering passwords, arranging windows and maintain things to do.

I want to share software and a bit of hardware gems I found during 20+ years of sharpening the "Second brain" blade. For me, it's also an opportunity to reflect.

Most of the time, I use Apple devices and very little — Windows, so keep this in mind, and I'll try to highlight if there is a Windows version of the software.


Remember things in short-term #

There are myriads of everyday things which I should remember for a long: scheduled appointments, reminders to pay bills, watch a movie, order something, etc. To free up a bit of memory I use these tools.

Apple Reminder


Apple Notes




Google Calendar added to Apple Calendar

Personal Knowledge Management #

Although Apple Notes and Reminders are also used for preserving some knowledge, they do not offer any suitable (for me) experience for:

And that's fine. Apple's apps are good at quick information capture (in terms of performance and smooth UX for common tasks), but not for things I mentioned above. I guess it's almost impossible to have everything in a single app. 🤷‍♂️






Cloud Storage

System control #





ITerm 2

Other #

Good keyboard and typing skills

Timeout app from macOS App Store




Conclusion #

I was developing this set of apps and techniques for a long time, and the journey continues. It seems like a lot, but in reality, almost every app has some predecessors (which I also used) and extends previous experience, so it's pretty easy to learn a new app.
I know the "productivity" apps field is indefinite, and I'm happy to see you sharing your favourite apps and workflows.



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